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If you have a skin lesion that has been diagnosed as skin cancer, it is important to make plans to have it removed. In some cases, the lesions can be destructed using methods like freezing, burning, or scraping. In other circumstances, more aggressive treatments are appropriate. For skin cancers that need to be surgically removed or excised, most patients have a few options. Most skin cancers can be surgically removed and reconstructed or closed in our office. Some patients may have the option to have the cancer removed and closed in the same surgery, others may opt to delay closure for pathology results to return, and some may choose to forgo closure and allow the surgery site to heal on its own. Not all options are appropriate for all patients. Dr. Szymanski will discuss your options during your consultation and help you to understand the pros and cons of each in your unique situation. For specific cancers, a specialized treatment known as Mohs Surgery is an option. This removal is performed by a dermatologist who has specific training for this procedure. During Mohs Surgery, the surgeon will operate in stages to remove the cancer. Between each stage, the skin is studied in pathology to detect any remaining cancer cells left. The surgeon will continue in stages until no cancer cells are present. While Mohs Surgery is not performed at Boice-Willis Clinic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Szymanski frequently works with the Mohs specialists across the area to aid patients in complex closure or reconstruction of the surgical site. We encourage all patients, especially those who have been diagnosed with skin cancer, to follow up and schedule regular skin checks with a Dermatologist. Early detection is key in the treatment on skin cancer.


  • Eliminates skin cancer
  • Reconstructs any defect resulting from the cancer excision


During your first visit, Dr. Szymanski will discuss with you the diagnosis and your options. Once the decision is made to move forward with surgery, our team will schedule a your procedure visit. Generally, skin cancer removals are performed in office using local anesthesia, meaning the area being treated is numb. Surgery time varies based on the size, location, and severity of the skin lesion. You will have a scar where the cancer was removed. You will go home the same day as surgery to recover. Recovery for each patient varies and depends on your lifestyle.


If have been diagnosed with a skin cancer, it is important that you treat the area to avoid further complications or spreading of the cancer. It is important that you understand and have realistic expectations for the procedure before moving forward. During your appointment, Dr. Szymanski will discuss your diagnosis and the options for moving forward. 

Deciding if a plastic surgery procedure is the right choice for you is your individual decision. We want you to feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. Before your first consultation with our office, we recommend you write down any questions you have and bring your list with you. It can also be beneficial to bring someone with you who is supportive and a good listener. If you find you have a lot of questions after your consultation, a second appointment to address your questions with Dr. Szymanski is always an option. Schedule your consultation today

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