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The Hardest Part of Plastic  Surgery – Patient Expectation

Plastic surgery can alter the way someone looks. Being a plastic surgeon takes skill, patience, and collaboration with each of your patients. One might think that there is a specific technical skill of a specific surgery that is the hardest to perform well, but it is actually fulfilling the patient’s vision of the process and what they will look like after surgery that holds the most difficulty.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Karen Szymanski preps for a difficult operation. KDS Aesthetics logo at bottom right.

While each plastic surgery has its risks, the hardest aspect can be setting patient expectations about what can be accomplished. While some procedures are more challenging than others, the most challenging aspect is taking care of the patient during the post-operative timeframe. It is important to provide support and reassurance during this time.

Patient Expectations

Every patient wants to heal quickly and perfectly. Unfortunately, some patients do not follow the typical post-operative course and take longer to reach their optimum results. It is important for the plastic surgeon to provide appropriate expectations and a variety of post-operative recoveries that a patient may experience on their road to recovery. After surgery, a lot of the responsibility falls into the patient’s hands as following post-operative instructions is key to a successful end result.

Depending on the surgical procedures, different technologies can assist in improving post-operative outcomes.  These are best discussed during the consultation and reviewed prior to and after the procedure.

The Bottom Line

Unlike most plastic surgery practices, Dr. S performs nearly all aspects of her office alone with intermittent assistance. She utilizes this time to cultivate more face-to-face experiences with each patient. This allows patients to receive information directly from their physician and ask any outlying questions that they may have. While setting up an initial appointment may take longer than a company with ancillary staff, patients enjoy the individualized attention they receive at KDS.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call today. KDS is dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience possible.

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