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The Most Satisfying Cosmetic Surgeries

If you have found yourself endlessly scrolling cosmetic surgery before and after photos or videos, you understand that the process and results can be extremely satisfying. Whether it is the symmetrical results, or the smile on the patients face once they see them – something about the process is intriguing. That brings to question: What is the most satisfying surgery?

Woman in white briefs shows off her plastic surgery results from the most satisfying plastic surgery procedure according to Dr. Karen Szymanski.

Of course, this is an extremely subjective question. How a surgery goes depends on what procedure it is, the starting state of the patient, or the skill of the surgeon, the list goes on. Some surgeries have more subtle alterations than others – so which one is best?

Patient Satisfaction

Undergoing an elective surgery is a big decision, and sometimes people never want to go through that experience again. There are, however, some statistics on patient satisfaction for cosmetic surgeries. Studies show that 98 percent of people who had breast augmentation surgery said they would do it again, and 91 percent of people who had a rhinoplasty said the same.

A lot of women who have had breast reductions leave extremely happy after years of back pain and trouble fitting into clothing. Not all cosmetic surgery is done just to alter appearance – cosmetic procedures can have extreme health benefits. The fact of the matter is that whether or not a surgery is satisfying is up to the patient and their surgeon.

There are a lot of variables when it comes to cosmetic surgery, and one person’s dream can be another person’s nightmare. It is important to refrain from judgement and understand cosmetic surgery is often an extremely personal journey.

The Bottom Line

The answer to what surgery is the most satisfying is up to individual opinion. There are countless surgical options on the market to allow for people to find something that best fits them and their body. Satisfaction relies on more than a before and after picture. Satisfaction relies on the relationship between a patient and their surgeon, how comfortable they feel throughout the process, and the confidence they gain from the experience.

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