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Where Will I Scar After a Facelift?

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Many middle-aged and older patients are interested in pursuing a facelift to tighten skin that may have sagged due to age, elasticity of the skin or weight loss. Facial skin is the most visible and obvious, so imperfects are also the most distressing for our patients. Fortunately, a facelift has become a relatively routine procedure that can even be performed in Dr. Szymanski’s office.

However, while the procedure itself is safer, more effective and more aesthetically pleasing than ever before, the most concerning part, for most patients, is the scarring. Whenever the skin is cut, there will be some degree of scarring. In our younger years, the scarring may go away more rapidly and be completely invisible within a few years. However, as we age, our skin no longer has the same ability to repair itself and scars are often more visible and more unpredictable.

Where Will I Scar?

Today’s facelift specifically addresses these aesthetic concerns by hiding scars appropriately to minimize their visibility after the procedure has been performed. The scar is hidden along the hairline above your ear, follows the crest of the ear, travels beneath and around the earlobe and ends in the lower hairline.  This is another area that remains well hidden by small creases and hairlines. These scars heal especially well in women or men that have longer hair. Of course, as with any procedure, Dr. Szymanski will decide where to make the incisions based on what she believes will offer the best aesthetic outcome.

We All Scar Differently

It’s also worth remembering, and certainly discussing with Dr. Szymanski, that everyone scars differently. Some of us develop minimal scarring after any incision, while others may keloid, causing large and more noticeable scars. Dr. Szymanski uses advanced suturing techniques to minimize scarring, no matter how your skin reacts. You will also discuss what to expect based on your specific skin type and tone. Dr. S can give you a good idea of how you will scar based on her extensive knowledge and previous experience.

Ultimately, we all scar differently, but advances in the understanding of how we scar and Dr. Szymanski’s extensive experience in face lifts has made the procedure less invasive and more cosmetically pleasing than ever before. Of course, understanding whether a facelift is right for you requires a consultation and we encourage you to schedule with us to learn more.

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